Dry Skin – Dry Eyes

25 Feb

At least I have found one good product that works well on my face. I have oily skin, and I was using cleaning astringent three times per day. It was making my skin really dry even though it was still oily. My eye Dr. told me that I needed to do a better job cleaning my eyelids too. He suggested that I try Ocusoft. He said that a lot of people end up using it to wash their whole face because it works really well. He said you should never use anything with alcohol around the eyes because it has a tendency to cause inflammation in the skin and eyelids. He said that my cheeks looked inflamed too. I stopped using the cleaning astringent, and my skin was a lot less dry in just one month.

The whole reason I went to the eye Dr. was because my eyes were always dry.  I told my dermatologist what the eye Dr. Said, and she agreed with all that. She also suggested some other good cleaning products and moisturizers I could use. Practically everything they sell at the grocery store is on the do not use list. I can buy most of what the dermatologist suggested at the drugstore. I find it less expensive though to buy the Ocusoft products at Amazon.


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