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The Underestimated Aspirin

It appears that there is a renewed interest in the benefits of the common aspirin. If you have been to the doctor recently for a checkup, you might have been told that it would be beneficial for you to start taking a daily low dosage aspirin. My doctor told me that very thing recently. Studies have shown that even a low dosage aspirin relieves inflammation all over the body that helps to prevent certain types of cancer of the digestive system. For myself, I noticed almost right away I felt better taking a daily aspirin. My digestive system seemed to function much better. I had been having what seemed to be gallbladder attacks. They almost completely stopped after beginning the aspirin regimen. It was most likely due to the aspirin’s ability to act as an anti inflammatory. I also noticed that my face and eyes were far less inflamed in the mornings when I first woke.

Aspirin is also good choice to keep in your first aid kit. Giving aspirin to someone having a heart attack doubles their chance of survival. Chewable baby aspirin are sometimes a bit easier for people to get down when they are in distress, that any type of aspirin is better than none for the well equipped first aid kit.

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