Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

06 Jan

At the time of this post, there are few details about the shooting.  No one knows yet whether not it was terrorism.  It did however a occur in the luggage area of an international Airport.  Generally speaking airports are gun free zones, and terrorists always seem to target that section of the Airport.  Of the numerous attacks in European airports, the terrorists never seem to venture far inside the Airport.  They seem to stick to areas where people are loading or unloading vehicles or moving luggage.  Perhaps they strike those areas because they’re afraid that they will get noticed and stopped before they penetrate further into the more secure areas.

Why do the terrorists seem to launch attacks at the airports as much as they do?  Airport represent the spread of ideologies all over the world.  It is a gateway for people to travel anywhere in the world,  and the terrorist hate the spread of ideas.  Middle Eastern cultures do not value or welcome the western culture.  Perhaps they are attacking airports in order to slow the spread of ideas, or perhaps they are just using locations that are easy targets to attack.

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One response to “Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

  1. Maximum_Mike

    January 8, 2017 at 8:35 am

    In regards to gun control:

    Yes, lets control the thing that cannot be controlled and ignore the fact that this was another person under modern psychiatric treatment that almost certainly involved the use of highly questionable drugs to treat him. Other than terrorists, all other mass shooters have been on the same medication. In the old days, we put mentally ill people in institutions where they and the general public were safe. Then that became politically incorrect to do so, and now they are running around unsupervised among us.


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