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Darik’s Boot and Nuke

I found a new free utility on for wiping hard drives clean.  Since I have to wipe about 100 drives a year and permanently erase everything on them, I’m always happy to find free software that actually works.  I like this program because its old school style DOS like in nature.  It uses Linux to boot the computer from a CD and then automatically starts Darik’s program.  You have to burn the ISO image to a CD to make the boot CD with this program.  This is the only for the more technically inclined people who understand what ISO image is and understand the concept of erasing a hard drive.

If you are looking for something that is more mainstream and easier to use for the non technically gifted user, you will most likely have to buy one of the commercially available programs. He’s basically do the same thing as Darik’s program. Usually they already come with a disk that is completely ready to you straight out of the box. It will boot the computer for you and run the software automatically. It is all point and click the mouse from that point.

Other Hard Drive Erasers – not free or opened source.

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