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The Underestimated Aspirin

It appears that there is a renewed interest in the benefits of the common aspirin. If you have been to the doctor recently for a checkup, you might have been told that it would be beneficial for you to start taking a daily low dosage aspirin. My doctor told me that very thing recently. Studies have shown that even a low dosage aspirin relieves inflammation all over the body that helps to prevent certain types of cancer of the digestive system. For myself, I noticed almost right away I felt better taking a daily aspirin. My digestive system seemed to function much better. I had been having what seemed to be gallbladder attacks. They almost completely stopped after beginning the aspirin regimen. It was most likely due to the aspirin’s ability to act as an anti inflammatory. I also noticed that my face and eyes were far less inflamed in the mornings when I first woke.

Aspirin is also good choice to keep in your first aid kit. Giving aspirin to someone having a heart attack doubles their chance of survival. Chewable baby aspirin are sometimes a bit easier for people to get down when they are in distress, that any type of aspirin is better than none for the well equipped first aid kit.

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You Granite Countertop is Radioactive???

It is one of those little known facts that granite counter-tops emit radioactive gas called radon. Radon gas is caused by the radioactive decay of elements in minerals found in the ground. Every single person breaths radon gas every day of his or her life. Depending on where you live in the world, the amount of radon gas in the air varies and contributes to the background radiation that we are all exposed to every minute of the day. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

In most parts of the world, the background radiation is relatively low and the amount of radon in the air is also low. As long as you are not exposed to concentrated levels of radon, it seems to pose little risk. The biggest risk factor for radon exposure is living in a house with concentrated levels of radon that exceed what is normally found outside in the fresh air. Traditionally, Northern Homes were more at risk because they had subterranean basements with radon gas seeping through cracks in the walls and floors of the basement as well as the pores in the concrete itself. As homes became more energy efficient, the amount of radon gas trapped in people’s homes became greater. Homes that lacked fresh air had higher concentrations of the gas because it could not escape from the home. Energy efficient homes were often referred to as airtight. It saves energy, but the exchange of outside fresh air is sacrificed. The problem is even worse during the winter when most people cannot afford to leave the doors and windows opened.

Enter the new fad of granite counter-tops. Their 100% natural material quarried from granite mines. They make beautiful and durable counter-tops, but they contain radon gas. Just like all other minerals, granite produces radon gas. It is still debatable whether or not granite counter-tops increase the amount of radon found in a person’s home. Studies have showed mixed results. Studies have also shown mixed results when the counter-tops were tested with Geiger counters . Results often fall between 20 to 90 clicks per minute. To put that in perspective, the background radiation in the United States falls between 15 to 80 clicks per minute.

Other sources of radiation in the home include smoke alarms, fluorescent lights, and CRT television tubes as well as old CRT Computer monitors. Most of these sources of radiation seem to pose little risk individually. In most cases, granite counter-tops are probably no worse than any of these other things.

It is possible to test the level of radon gas in your home by purchasing test kits that are sold at some Home Centers. The reliability of these test kits are questionable. Some people prefer to measure the overall radiation in their home using an inexpensive Geiger counters . The Geiger counters are sometimes even used by some home inspectors. Usually, you would find the background radiation your home to be a little higher than the rate found outside. If it is considerably higher, you may have a buildup of radon gas inside your home.

Sealing up cracks in your slab and getting better ventilation in your home can go a long way to stopping in the problem. If weather permits, opening your home once a week to allow fresh air to replace the stale air can also help to make a healthier home. Obviously there are other factors such as allergies that may make it undesirable to simply open doors and windows. A professionally installed ventilation system with filtration could be used to provide fresh air without the pollen. It may also be an option for people who live in neighborhoods where leaving the doors and windows opened is dangerous.

Geiger counters

Nuclear Radiation Detector

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Dry Skin – Dry Eyes

At least I have found one good product that works well on my face. I have oily skin, and I was using cleaning astringent three times per day. It was making my skin really dry even though it was still oily. My eye Dr. told me that I needed to do a better job cleaning my eyelids too. He suggested that I try Ocusoft. He said that a lot of people end up using it to wash their whole face because it works really well. He said you should never use anything with alcohol around the eyes because it has a tendency to cause inflammation in the skin and eyelids. He said that my cheeks looked inflamed too. I stopped using the cleaning astringent, and my skin was a lot less dry in just one month.

The whole reason I went to the eye Dr. was because my eyes were always dry.  I told my dermatologist what the eye Dr. Said, and she agreed with all that. She also suggested some other good cleaning products and moisturizers I could use. Practically everything they sell at the grocery store is on the do not use list. I can buy most of what the dermatologist suggested at the drugstore. I find it less expensive though to buy the Ocusoft products at Amazon.


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Soap Allergies

Over the last few years, I have noticed that in becoming more and more sensitive to various types of soap. It has gotten to the point that I have only one type of hand soap that really seems to agree with my hands. I’m currently using soft soap with aloe Vera. If I use any other type of liquid soap my hands break out in little red dots and start getting very dry. They also itch quite a bit. I even have similar problems with bar soap and shampoos. Those mostly cause dry skin and red marks. Some Brands are worse than others.

I don’t really think that anything has changed in my skin. I am convinced that the companies that make soap are constantly changing their ingredients to maximize their profits. Of course there are 20 different things in the list of ingredients. That’s difficult to tell which ones are fragrances and which ones actually make up the soap.
I stopped using herbal essence and tried Fructis. It seems to agree with my skin better although I have not been using it that long.

Even laundry detergent can be a problem. I noticed that if I were brand new clothes without washing them, they feel great. After I wash them, sometimes they feel as if they have soap residue still in them from the laundry. I do have hard water. I know that makes it more difficult washout the soap. Sometimes I add a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the laundry. That does seem to help soften the water and remove more of the soap. I never had this problem with the laundry detergent until after they started making them concentrated.


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