12/10/2017 – California Fires

The epic fires in California continue to burn. No end in site, and no real way to know what will be left when the fires finally burn themselves though.

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Breitbart Texas 11/3/2017

Breitbart Texas

Left Erupts over Trans-Jenner Bathrooms Labels at Texas Cafe

The oft-offended left on Twitter erupted this week after a Dallas Morning News reporter posted a picture of bathrooms at a Texas Cajun bar and grill depicting photos of Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner on their doors. The owners of the restaurant placed the images nearly three months ago.

EXCLUSIVO — GRAFICO: Cártel Mexicano Desmembra y Asa a Víctimas Inocentes

MORELIA, Michoacán – Uno de los cárteles mexicanos que lucha por el control de este estado ha escalado en los horrores de sus actividades terroristas a un nuevo nivel de depravación al no solo desmembrar a las víctimas inocentes sino también al asar las partes del cuerpo. Los horrores son parte de lo que se ha convertido en algo cotidiano en este estado, mientras que las autoridades del gobierno continúan minimizando la violencia y aseguran que la región es segura.

EXCLUSIVE: Border Agents Call Out Media, CBP, Congress on Detention of Child with Cerebral Palsy

U.S. Border Patrol agents are under fire for detaining a foreign child who is illegally in Texas. That child, Rosa Maria Hernandez, was brought into the U.S. by her parents who are also living in the U.S. illegally. The child is now in custody and media and politicians are upset at the agents for following the laws enacted by Congress. The agents feel their parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has not done enough to address the issue–leaving the agents alone under fire and allowing misconceptions to flourish in media reports.

Nursing home evacuation. AP File Photo: Gerald Hebert

Nursing Home Hurricane Evacuation Delays Led to Deaths, Says Attorney

Decisions to delay evacuation or shelter in place large numbers of nursing home residents during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have led to several deaths, an attorney says. However, other seniors who were evacuated died during or shortly after evacuation. This leaves managers of nursing homes in a quandary over what to do about residents in their care during natural disasters.

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Breitbart London 11/3/2017

Breitbart London

EU Court Blocks Egyptian Hijacker’s Extradition

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The European Court of Human Rights has blocked Cypriot authorities from extraditing an Egyptian hijacker to his homeland until it can examine the case, the Cyprus Justice Ministry and the hijacker’s lawyer said Thursday.

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Eight Dead After Truck Driver Runs Down Pedestrians in NYC

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Terror in Canada: Bloody Police Chase After Man With Islamic State Flag Rams Police Barricade, Stabs Officer

Canadian authorities have confirmed that a stabbing and multiple vehicle rammings near Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, are being investigated as terrorism.

Obviously Canada still has a terrorist problem.   Nothing to see here though according to the Canadain government.

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Man Shot and Arrested After Car Ploughs Into Group of Soldiers Patrolling Paris Suburb

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Two Dead After Germany Nightclub Shooting, Alleged Gunman Shot Dead by Police

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