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Breitbart London 11/3/2017

Breitbart London

EU Court Blocks Egyptian Hijacker’s Extradition

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The European Court of Human Rights has blocked Cypriot authorities from extraditing an Egyptian hijacker to his homeland until it can examine the case, the Cyprus Justice Ministry and the hijacker’s lawyer said Thursday.

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VIDEOS: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riots in London, Police and Public Attacked


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London: Teen Arrested After Five Acid Attacks in 84 Minutes

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An article in Breitbart news shows the unreported epidemic of acid attacks. The UK has had roughly 1,800 assaults using corrosive liquid since 2010 in London alone.


Accid Attack Capital of the World

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‘Act of Terror’ as Van Hits Pedestrians in London Bridge, Stabbings, Multiple Injuries

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An article in Breitbart news shows the aftermath of the latest act of terrorism in the UK.

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Tourists Abandon London Amid Terror Fears

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An article in Breitbart news shows that terrorism hurts the economy in some really obvious ways.

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Anti-Trump Protesters at U.S. Embassy in London

Breitbart ImageAn article in Breitbart News shows the states of young misguided people around the world. In the picture, a young anarchist wearing his anarchy hat protests the election of Donald Trump. He and his friends however are unaware that his hat and almost everything else that they are wearing was made in a Chinese factory with slave labor like conditions in a country where the people have no say so in anything that they do. The Chinese certainly have not right to protest. China is also engaged in a campaign to triple the size of its military. China tolerates no civil disobedience. Trump is the only world leader that is trying to stop them from tightening their stranglehold on worldwide manufacturing and harming the economies of the world.

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