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VIDEOS: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riots in London, Police and Public Attacked


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Report: Malia Obama Attends Dakota Access Pipeline Protest at Sundance

Breitbart Image

An article in Breitbart news shows that the Dakota Access Pipeline protest was only in hibernation. Most of us knew that after a brief rest the protestors would be back for round II. For the famous and hip protesters, they now have the luxury of protesting at Sundance. There is no need for them to risk frostbite by protesting where the pipeline might actually be run when they can hang with all the other 1%ers at Sundance.

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Anti-Trump Protesters at U.S. Embassy in London

Breitbart ImageAn article in Breitbart News shows the states of young misguided people around the world. In the picture, a young anarchist wearing his anarchy hat protests the election of Donald Trump. He and his friends however are unaware that his hat and almost everything else that they are wearing was made in a Chinese factory with slave labor like conditions in a country where the people have no say so in anything that they do. The Chinese certainly have not right to protest. China is also engaged in a campaign to triple the size of its military. China tolerates no civil disobedience. Trump is the only world leader that is trying to stop them from tightening their stranglehold on worldwide manufacturing and harming the economies of the world.

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Dakota Access Pipeline

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Was the Protest a Success?

It appears that the protest is over for the time being. The pipeline will not continue along the planned path. It was widely reported that the pipeline would pass through native American land even though most maps showed it slightly above the boundaries of their land. The biggest concern by most people was the belief that it would contaminate the water of the native Americans living near the area. There have been many debates on who really owns the property where the pipeline has been planned to go.

It is unclear on weather the protest really accomplished much of anything. The true status of the project is really that it is on hold more than cancelled. It is likely that the pipeline will still cross the river in some other location. There are also possible alternatives that may involve a deeper pipeline going under the river or a more conventional solution that simply trucks the oil across the river. Would any of those alternative be any better to the protesters? Will oil consumption in the USA really be any less simply because this one particular pipeline was stopped?

The image from above this commentary show a typical seen where the protesters are classing with police. Your opinion about the pipeline will most likely have an effect in the way you interpret the meaning of the picture. The police may be the aggressors trying to interfere with a peaceful protest, or the protesters may simply be criminals trespassing on land that belongs to someone else. The police appear to be wearing standard uniforms and riot helmets. At least one of the protesters appears to be wearing a helmet too. It is unclear how long the protesters have been in the water, but they seem to outnumber the police. It is unclear how much the protest is costing the tax payers or whether the pipeline owner will pay for any of the police service.

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