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Big Trouble in Little Moon Rover

The Chinese made moon rover, Chang’e 3, has experienced mechanical problems with one of its solar panels that may prevent it from finishing its mission. It is the first rover on the moons surface in 37 years. Earlier attempts by Google to spur lunar exploration have continued to drag on with no successful project, and Nasa continues to show little interest in launching any lunar missions in the near future. Nasa continues to focus on the unmanned exploration of Mars with it various rovers.

Surprisingly little has been done on the moon since the early 70’s when the United States ended its interest in the moon. The most important motivation for space exploration at this point is to find a profitable business reason to visit the moon again. Lunar mining may be the most likely venture on the horizon with a small handful of start up companies currently pursuing that option.


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Drone Crash and Splash

Pacific Ocean – It was reported that a Coast Guard drone experienced mechanical problems and then ditched in the Pacific Ocean to avoid the danger of flying back towards populated areas while not under total control. The drone cost 12 million which is a bargain compared to a conventionally manned aircraft. It is unclear if there is any chance of retrieving the drone for the ocean. The Pacific has some of the deepest waters on the planet.

Why are drones becoming more popular? The answer may be that the optical technology make it possible for these low flying aircraft to obtain such detailed surveillance that can be computer analyzed in real time and saved for future analysis. Is the government just becoming more efficient at patrolling the borders, or are they really concerned that terrorists are actually planning on attacking the US again.

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Conspiracy Theories – Chinese Menace

Chinese Menace – the belief that China intends to take over the United States first by making us dependent on being the sole manufacturer of most of the products that we buy and by lending us money that they know we will never be able to pay back. They will build their Navy and continue to make ready their military. They will secretly buy large amounts of real-estate in impoverished part of the country to take large areas into ghost towns. They will stand ready to be allies with any state or section of our country that tries to secede from the United States. They could put ground troops in areas that are under populated and assist those who are succeeding.

China maintains a substantial array of nuclear weapons. It is unlikely that we would launch a nuclear offensive against them since it would be met with nuclear retaliation. Most of their efforts to take over the United States would be peaceful and thus they would be a menace.

China’s motivation for taking the United States would be to gain more natural resources and vast amounts of fertile land to group food. China currently has problems with polluted soil in its agricultural zones. The Chinese presence on the moon is just one more way that they are expanding their expansion. China has currently lifted the ban on having more than one child per couple because it sees prosperity in the near future. China already has almost half of the world’s population. In most of the first world countries the population is on the decline. This is one reason why the United States is allowing immigration in record numbers. It is important to maintain at least 750 million people in the US to prevent the invasion of a foreign power.

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