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Disk Imaging Utilities and Techniques



IMGBurn is a disk imaging utility that I’ve been using for probably about five years. It works really well, and best of all its free. It runs on just about any version of the windows operating system. Most of the mainstream programs that people use to burn CDs and DVDs work just fine. They can even usually hanndle burning an image to a disk, but they usually have no ability to create an image from an existing disk. The purpose of making a disk image is to have a single file that contains every single thing on that disk that you used to make that image. It also includes the boot sector of the disk which contains files that you can not directly manipulate under normal circumstances. Have you ever tried to copy a DVD video disk? You can burn the files to another disk, and it seems like you have an exact copy. It still will not play right though. I think this is because it burns them as data files and does not include the boot sector of the disk. That is why you need an imaging tool that will make an exact copy of the disk.

On more than one occasion I have had to make copies of video discs for training purposes in a corporate environment. The master disk was made by professional video company and worked just fine. I had to say make 50 copies that were identical to the first one. IMGBurn has never let me down. It also works well for making exact copies of software disks as well. You can download this software at the link below from the guy who made it. It’s really well made for something that’s free. I’ve always been impressed with it.

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